Understanding the Person of The Holy Spirit

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This Book Clearly reveals the Person of the Holy Spirit. The author has demonstrated the need for every believer to have a relationship with the Holy spirit by the revelations and encounters of different men of god in their private and spiritual lives. It is encouraging to have this type of write up and more blessing to read and study Understanding The Person of The Holy Spirit by Taiwo Rotimi. When you are daily led by the spirit of god, you will become the person of positive influence of the Holy Spirit as your helper, counselor, friend and adviser will always be there to assist you throughout your journey here on earth. Taiwo Rotimi is a minister of God, Prolific writer, author and publisher a mentor and a motivational speaker. Some of his books include Lightning Shadow, Behind the Clouds, and the 365 Tools to be a fulfilled life, others are Born for Praise and Short quotable bible verses.