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March 1, 2011

Taiwo Rotimi is a celebrated writer and a published Author. He has won many national and international awards for contributing positively to his community. His recent award was the 2010 BEFFTA – Blacks in Entertainments, Fashion, Films, Television and Arts.

He is an Enterprise Coach, a Motivational Speaker, a Trainer, and a Business Adviser. Some of his published spoken works are: Lighting Shadow, Celebrating of African way of life (Written to mark the Bi-centenary Action Acts of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade 1807 – 2007.

Behind the Clouds, a collection of poems glorifying God Almighty. Short Quotable Bible Verses, the 365 Tools to a Fulfilled Life, a daily motivational and inspirational book and Born for Praise.

The Poet – Taiwo Toyin Rotimi

A son of the Chief Priest Aduramo Rotimi (The late Oluwo of Egbaland) from the Yoruba- Speaking tribe of the South-West Nigeria, A popular Nigerian journalist and writer, a former Radio and Television broadcaster. One of his poems, “My Photogenesis* won an International award by the American Society of Poets in 2005. His writing was influenced by Professor Wole Soyinka, the first African Nobel Laureate for Literature; a Nigerian. Taiwo is a Percussionist, a Manager of Artistes and an administrator of Arts and culture.

Taiwo-Rotimi in the snow

Taiwo Rotimi in the Garden

Taiwo Rotimi – Lighting Shadow Public Presentation and Book Launch

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